First MP backdrop for Holy Pink

On behalf of the festival organization 'Draaimolen' we made a backdrop to their wishes for the Holy Pink festival. A festival for the LGBT community during The biggest fair of Holland, The Tilburg fair.

We're glad with the opportunity to make a big backdrop of that size for a festival, even though we didn't have a card blanche for the design. We are satisfied with the outcome. We are convinced that a Motion Paintings backdrop is ideal for strengthening the light show during a (house)party.

Adrenaline The Show / Last chance!

Only 2 shows left: Helmond & Delft. If you want to see #AdrenalineTheShow in Holland this is your last chance.


An exploration of Adrenaline. fast paced, action packed performance by world renowned crew The Ruggeds, about their relationship with Adrenaline.

Beelden van afgelopen ALF

Amsterdam - De vijfde editie van het Amsterdam Light Festival is al bijna twee maanden ten einde, maar voor iedereen die het gemist heeft, is er nu een prachtige video verschenen.

De Amsterdamse videomaker plaatste camera's op verschillende plekken langs de route langs tientallen lichtkunstwerken. Daarvan maakte hij een timelapsevideo, die afgelopen weekend op internet verscheen.

De vaarroute, die Water Colors is genoemd, voerde langs twintig lichtkunstwerken in de binnenstad.

NH Nieuws

My Daily Shot of Culture

An interview by the ladies of My Daily Shot of Culture.

'During the darkest winter months, the city of Amsterdam is lightened up by beautiful art pieces made of light: it's Amsterdam Light Festival! Artists from all over the world submit their ideas. We interviewed some of the artists and learned all about their art pieces and the idea behind the festival.'

AT5 news

Robin tells about his 'Amsterdam Light Festival' artwork. 'A Window in Time' is the translation of his perception of Amsterdam throughout the centuries.

The fifth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival starts tomorrow. 'The simplicity makes it just fine' according to the festival director. Read more on the website of the local television station from Amsterdam (in dutch).


Guest at What's Up? 82 (Pakhuis de Zwijger)

Chit-chat with IDFX and Motion Paintings about fashion and 'wearable Motion Paintings' at What's Up? 82 Modemakers (Pakhuis de Zwijger) on the first of december. Hope to see you there!

Collaboration with Floor van de Ven

Congratulations Floor, with raising 111% of your goal! We are collaborating with Floor van de Ven in creating new fashion with Motion Paintings design. To help her finance in creating the fabrics and clothing Floor started a crowdfunding on and managed to collect more than she was aiming for. We can't wait on the final results.

STRP Biennial 2015 video impression

Wow... OddOne made a great video impression of STRP Biennial 2015. A must see!

Impression STRP by ED

On the first day of STRP the newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad made a great video starring our installation.

Lowlands Director about Motion Paintings

Lowlands director Eric van Eerdenburg gives a tour of the festival, which is still in full construction, and talks about Motion Paintings.

Specially for one of the biggest music festivals in the Netherlands we created two huge designs, one of 1,8 x 18 and one of 1,8 x 55 meters. Related to theme ‘under the radar’ we made a wide colorful design containing a large variation of motions. It became a popular place to hang out when many of the visitors started filming and photograph each other while dancing and posing in front of the piece.

Item by FaceCulture

Blue Boy Expo #3 Teaser

The teaser for the Blue Boy Expo #3, which was the first Motion Paintings show. It was held in the studio where Motion Paintings is located.

Bird design: Wouter van der Sluijs 
Movie: Mathijs Diederiks
Camera: Green Shot Films