A Window in Time  

Responding to this year’s Water Colors route theme ‘A View On Amsterdam’, Robin de Kruijff created ‘A Window in Time’. This is the translation of his perception of Amsterdam throughout the centuries.

‘A Window in Time’ visualises the past, present and utopian future of Amsterdam. Geographical growth is the beating heart of the canvas. Furthermore, iconic archive images are woven into one image. The piece is a light-minded representation of a history of contradictions, like for example prostitution in a church.

Amsterdam thanks it’s growth and prosperity to it’s surrounding water. Back in the days, trade missions were the cause of brutal sea battles in the era of the United East Indian Company (VOC), with the aim of strengthening the city and increasing it’s prosperity. Tourism had a big share in the current economy of the city. Daily, the centre of the city is taken over by a flood of one-day-visitors, cruise ship tourists and adventurers in the Red Light District.

Throughout the centuries a lot has changed within the streets of Amsterdam. Amongst other things, this is to be seen in the facades of the ring of canals and the Waag (Weigh House) on Nieuwmarkt square. In former times the Waag was known as the Sint Anthoniespoort, which was part of the city wall. On the outer side of the wall approximately 85 windmills were situated.

The reference to New Babylon by Constant Nieuwenhuys versus a financially strong company on the Zuidas (Financial Mile of Amsterdam) visualises a source of inspiration for urban architectural questions, in which creative individuals take centre stage.


Amsterdam Light Festival 2016
Location: Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Design: Robin de Kruijff
Light & Software: Daan Brinkmann
Installation: Aukes Theatertechniek

Footage: Sander Meulemans
Edit: Matthijs Diederiks
Music: Uoon 1 – Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto (Vrioon)

Photo by: Andreas Kampe