STRP Biennial on Creators Project and Innovation Origins

Our friend and favorite photographer Ralph Roelse went to STRP and made some great photo's for The Creators Project and Innovation Origins.

STRP report on Kunstbeeld

Kunstbeeld visited STRP and made a report with some cool photo's of the installations.

Trendbeheer about STRP Biennial

Trendbeheer visited STRP and liked what they saw. Check out their report full of photos here.



Impression STRP by ED

On the first day of STRP the newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad made a great video starring our installation.

See you at Grasnapolsky Festival!

Yes! Good news! We will show a big piece at the Grasnapolsky Festival 2015. If you never been to Radio Kootwijk you should defiantly come, because its a beautiful location. Hope to see you there!

Lowlands Director about Motion Paintings

Lowlands director Eric van Eerdenburg gives a tour of the festival, which is still in full construction, and talks about Motion Paintings.

Specially for one of the biggest music festivals in the Netherlands we created two huge designs, one of 1,8 x 18 and one of 1,8 x 55 meters. Related to theme ‘under the radar’ we made a wide colorful design containing a large variation of motions. It became a popular place to hang out when many of the visitors started filming and photograph each other while dancing and posing in front of the piece.

Item by FaceCulture

Blue Boy Expo #3 Teaser

The teaser for the Blue Boy Expo #3, which was the first Motion Paintings show. It was held in the studio where Motion Paintings is located.

Bird design: Wouter van der Sluijs 
Movie: Mathijs Diederiks
Camera: Green Shot Films