Elke dag een beetje GLOW op loopbrug op Strijp-S

De loopbrug op Strijp-S over de Torenallee is opgesierd met een lichtkunstwerk van Motion Paintings. Lees verder op Studio 040

MU x Motion Paintings - A new walkway at Strijp S

Article: MU artspace

In recent weeks, the guys from Motion Paintings have been working in all weather conditions to give the walkway at Strijp S a new look. A colorful painting has been made on both sides, illuminated with colored lights. These lights cause the suggestion of movement of the design.

We will open the artwork on the walkway at the Torenallee at Strijp on Saturday 5 May from 20.00, simultaneously with MU INBETWEEN #3.

Want to see more work by Motion Paintings? Check their website: www.motionpaintings.nl

The artwork made possible in cooperation with Park Strijp Beheer and MU and is the final project of the Strijp-S Cultuurfonds (Municipality of Eindhoven, Spoorzone, Sint Trudo, VolkerWessels and Woonbedrijf).

Loopbrug Strijp-S Eindhoven wordt lichtkunst

EINDHOVEN - Een zwart geverfde loopbrug op Strijp-S? Weer een kleurtje eronder gewerkt in het hippe Eindhovense district? De werkzaamheden aan de rode loopbrug over de Torenallee, tussen het gebouw van Bosch en de Apparatenfabriek riepen de afgelopen dagen de nodige vragen op. Maar de soep is niet zo heet als ie gegeten wordt. Hier is namelijk een kunstwerk in de maak, een lichtkunstwerk zelfs van het kunstcollectief Motion Paintings. Lees verder

First MP backdrop for Holy Pink

On behalf of the festival organization 'Draaimolen' we made a backdrop to their wishes for the Holy Pink festival. A festival for the LGBT community during The biggest fair of Holland, The Tilburg fair.

We're glad with the opportunity to make a big backdrop of that size for a festival, even though we didn't have a card blanche for the design. We are satisfied with the outcome. We are convinced that a Motion Paintings backdrop is ideal for strengthening the light show during a (house)party.

Adrenaline The Show / Last chance!

Only 2 shows left: Helmond & Delft. If you want to see #AdrenalineTheShow in Holland this is your last chance.


An exploration of Adrenaline. fast paced, action packed performance by world renowned crew The Ruggeds, about their relationship with Adrenaline.

Beelden van afgelopen ALF

Amsterdam - De vijfde editie van het Amsterdam Light Festival is al bijna twee maanden ten einde, maar voor iedereen die het gemist heeft, is er nu een prachtige video verschenen.

De Amsterdamse videomaker plaatste camera's op verschillende plekken langs de route langs tientallen lichtkunstwerken. Daarvan maakte hij een timelapsevideo, die afgelopen weekend op internet verscheen.

De vaarroute, die Water Colors is genoemd, voerde langs twintig lichtkunstwerken in de binnenstad.

NH Nieuws

My Daily Shot of Culture

An interview by the ladies of My Daily Shot of Culture.

'During the darkest winter months, the city of Amsterdam is lightened up by beautiful art pieces made of light: it's Amsterdam Light Festival! Artists from all over the world submit their ideas. We interviewed some of the artists and learned all about their art pieces and the idea behind the festival.'

10 highlights of this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival

An article at I Amsterdam blog.

For ‘A Window in Time’, the Dutch collective Motion Paintings developed special software to bring old photographs to life.  The dynamic installation is fitted with LED spot lights and different colored layers that combine to produce moving images of Amsterdam, throughout the ages. Tip: this visual experience can be enjoyed both day and night; at dusk the image changes, so it presents a surprise each time you pass by!

AT5 news

Robin tells about his 'Amsterdam Light Festival' artwork. 'A Window in Time' is the translation of his perception of Amsterdam throughout the centuries.

The fifth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival starts tomorrow. 'The simplicity makes it just fine' according to the festival director. Read more on the website of the local television station from Amsterdam (in dutch).


Program Amsterdam Light Festival online

This week the program of The Amsterdam Light Festival came online. So, it's kind of official now. We are proud to announce that we participate at The Amsterdam Light Festival this year.

Different notices in de media

I think the ALF organization sent a newsletter with a special notice of our work. You can find the same kind of article on Fonk, Plusonline and an article on Architectuur.nl. We are really thankful for that.

Different notices in de media

Pretty honored that our participation at The Amsterdam Light Festival got mentioned in an article of kunst.blog.nl. We also got noticed at Fonk and on Architectuur.nl. We are really thankful for that.

Guest at What's Up? 82 (Pakhuis de Zwijger)

Chit-chat with IDFX and Motion Paintings about fashion and 'wearable Motion Paintings' at What's Up? 82 Modemakers (Pakhuis de Zwijger) on the first of december. Hope to see you there!

Fashion Show Las vegas

Honored about this request from te states. They want to display our 'wearable MP movie' on 3 big outdoor LED screens at Fashion Show Las Vegas!

Belmodo's favorites @ SASK

Floor van de Ven won the Certificate of 'Amazingness' by Belmodo. We're really happy for her and our successful collaboration.

Big article about De Nacht

Dagblad van het Noorden wrote a big article about de Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap and used a nice color photo of our installation in de Aa-Kerk. You can read the article here.

It's Showtime!

After a quick rehearsal, it's showtime for Floor van de Ven and her models!  Great to see the Motion Paintings designs on the beautiful clothing by Floor.

Collaboration with Floor van de Ven

Congratulations Floor, with raising 111% of your goal! We are collaborating with Floor van de Ven in creating new fashion with Motion Paintings design. To help her finance in creating the fabrics and clothing Floor started a crowdfunding on Voordekunst.nl and managed to collect more than she was aiming for. We can't wait on the final results.

STRP Biennial 2015 video impression

Wow... OddOne made a great video impression of STRP Biennial 2015. A must see!