Day: April 13, 2018

MU x Motion Paintings - A new walkway at Strijp S

Article: MU artspace

In recent weeks, the guys from Motion Paintings have been working in all weather conditions to give the walkway at Strijp S a new look. A colorful painting has been made on both sides, illuminated with colored lights. These lights cause the suggestion of movement of the design.

We will open the artwork on the walkway at the Torenallee at Strijp on Saturday 5 May from 20.00, simultaneously with MU INBETWEEN #3.

Want to see more work by Motion Paintings? Check their website:

The artwork made possible in cooperation with Park Strijp Beheer and MU and is the final project of the Strijp-S Cultuurfonds (Municipality of Eindhoven, Spoorzone, Sint Trudo, VolkerWessels and Woonbedrijf).