Installation in public space at Strijp-S

We made a site specific light artwork at the gangway of the Torenallee.
Compare light with the energy of entrepreneurs, creatives and residents at Strijp-S.
It is also not tangible, but it has always been clearly present. This artwork will make
this creativity even more visible. In terms of form, it visualises the creative DNA of Strijp-S.

Produced by: Jasper van Es, Daan Brinkmann and Robin de Kruijff
Location: Strijp-S, Eindhoven

Movie edit: Marcel Schavemaker
Footage: Max Kneefel and Clara Gustafsson
Music: AtOm_AnT – BrOtHaS aNd SiStAs

Partners: CultuurFonds Strijp-S, MU Artspace, STRIJP-S

Thanks to:
Sint Trudo, Bosch, VolkerWessels, Gemeente Eindhoven,
Spoorzone, Woonbedrijf, Wonka Broeders en Boels